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The Piano Tuner | SSAA or TTBB Chorus & Piano | 4'

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What would we do if we didn't have the privilege of being distracted

I know we must honor our personal lives.
I know we must not live in darkness.
I know we must celebrate the grace in our humanity.

To keep our lungs from collapsing.
We must breathe in hope.
And so have I. Taken in joy. And beauty. And selfishness. And frivolity. And laughter. We are wonderful. Humans. We find the light.

But I fear the moment passing.
Already distracted from the fire though the smoke is still filling our lungs.

This is going to sound wrong.

But I hope this pain lasts.

I hope that it holds.

I don't want to heal

just yet.

We have become experts at recovery.
I hope we become expert at Revolution.

—Maya Jackson

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