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The Piano Tuner | TTBB Chorus & Piano | 4'


This piece sets a text by Dale Trumbore and was commissioned by the Miami University Men's Glee Club, Jeremy Jones, Conductor


Well-worn tones you've lived with for months
suddenly stand at attention,
every interval back in tune,
sharp-edged, fresh and still.

You try to make a song from the tuning,
the same note twice, and then six more times;
a third, fourth, fifth spiraled endlessly upward.

As the tuner strikes the same key,
the same key indefinitely,
we sit silently in another room,
we who have been trying for months
to turn into better versions of ourselves.

We huddle together as each note turns brighter.
We barely speak. We don't dare disturb
the becoming that rings in the air.

—Dale Trumbore



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early drafts & composing notes

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The Piano Tuner 1_edited_edited.jpg
The Piano Tuner 2_edited.jpg
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