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I'm Dale Trumbore, a composer and writer based in Southern California. My last name rhymes with "drum" + "door." Headshots or bios for concert programs can be found here. I was born in 1987.


I make my living composing, writing, and speaking about my work. I compose most frequently for chorus, though recent projects have included works for orchestra, band, and chamber ensembleThis is the piece I'm proudest to have written. These are my newest choral works.

I often write about working through creative challenges. My first book, Staying Composed, has been called "a treasure trove of practical strategies for moving your artistic career forward" and is available as an audiobook.

Upcoming projects include a ballet and album for solo piano, a second album of art songs, and a concert-length work for choir & singing audience.

If you'd like to discuss a potential collaboration or want to say hello, please be in touch.

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