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songs about women

SSAA Chorus & Piano  |   1'   |   Graphite  |  Text: Dale Trumbore

To define what it means to be a woman might just be impossible; this piece is more concerned with what it means to be human.

SSAA a cappella   |   3'   |   Boosey & Hawkes  |  Text: Stacy Gnall  

Flare is constantly in motion, a rhythmic race "through trees with bursting limbs" that drives toward the last line: “big brother, I am catching up to you.” This piece was commissioned by the 32 choruses of the ACDA Women's Commission Consortium.

SSA Chorus & Harp (or Piano)   |   5.5'   |   Graphite 

Text: Hildegard of Bingen, adapted by the composer

Here, a secular erasure of Hildegard's Ave Generosa text celebrates Hildegard herself and all women, regardless of their faith.

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