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SATB a cappella   |   5'   |   Graphite  |  Text: Laura Foley

As Laura Foley's poem “Like Something Newly Freed” progresses, the narrator shift from observing blackbirds at sunset to imagining herself among them, describing that flight in the first person: "As night begins, / you raise black wings / like leaves, like the lightness of a song." This setting of Foley's text attempts to capture the desire for freedom and flight in our own lives.

SATB a cappella   |   4'   |   Graphite  |  Text: Laura Foley

Laura Foley's Returning describes waiting and watching for

the return of wild geese each passing year. 

This setting of Laura Foley's text features a simple, optional audience refrain that recurs three times. 

SATB a cappella   |   3'   |   Graphite   |   Text: Barbara Crooker  

Almost, But Not Quite Spring sets Barbara Crooker's meditation on the change of the seasons: "each day, we climb a few more inches up the ladder of light, and grackels and redwings return, bringing postcards of tropical sun. [...] Geese scribble messages / across the grey sky."

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