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art songs

     The Gleam   |  20'

soprano & piano or soprano & chamber ensemble

     What Only Poetry Can Do  |  voice & piano  |  8'

Why Write?

Used Book

Rejection Slip

What Only Poetry Can Do

      Snow White Turns Sixty  |  voice & piano  | 30’

Snow White Turns Sixty

Where's Wolf?

Afraid to Look Afraid to Look Away


Rapunzel after her marriage

The Mermaid Story

For the Nixie

Bluebeard's Wife

Sleeping Beauty

Hazel Tells Laverne


Kinder- und Hausmarchen


Sunbeam Blues  |  soprano & piano  |  5'


     This thirst in the lungs  |  soprano & piano  |  8’

This Morning


Union Square Station

Footnotes to a History of the Jewelry Box

flute, clarinet, harp, string quartet, mezzo-soprano  | 10’

Footnotes to a History of the Moon  |  low voice & guitar  |  8'

   Practical Love Songs  |  treble voice & piano  |  8’

The Philosopher

I Shall Forget You

If I Should Learn

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