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conduct(her) with Kyra Stahr and McKenna Stenson

on creativity and programming

The Melodology Podcast with Arthur Breur
on “Losing My Mind” by Stephen Sondeheim

@Percussion with Karli Viña, Ben Charles
and Caleb Pickering
on creative work & mental health

In Unison with Zane Fiala & Giacomo DiGrigoli

on the intersection of secular & sacred texts

Studio Class: Masterclass with Megan Ihnen

on setting poetry and composing for singers

The Band Room with Dylan Rook Maddix
on Staying Composed

LooseLeaf Notebook with Julia Adolphe

 on recognizing anxiety and composing with empathy

Everything Band with Mark J. Connor

on career, music, and anxiety

The Portfolio Composer with Garrett Hope

on Staying Composed

iCadenza's Creative Careers Podcast with Jennifer Rosenfeld

on productive routines & unlocking creativity

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