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Breathe in Hope  |  SATB chorus & piano  |  6.5'

"To keep our lungs from collapsing, we must breathe in hope."

Closer to Home  |  SATB Chorus a cappella  |  5'

"You're closer to home than you've ever been before,

and you've never wanted to stay here more."

Faster  |  SATB Chorus a cappella  |  3.5'"

"Now I choose to either move on,

to go as fast as I can, or be content staying here."

Like Something Newly Freed  |  SATB a cappella  |  5'

"You raise black wings like leaves, like the lightness of a song."

Love is a Sickness  |  SATB chorus a cappella  |  3'

"Love is a sickness full of woes, all remedies refusing."

Returning  |  SATB chorus & audience  |  5.5'

"The geese you saw leaving, their feet rising

into dark bodies, they will return."

Threads of Joy  |  SATB chorus a cappella  |  4'

"A kind of silence, a light beneath pain."

Where Go the Boats?  |  SATB chorus a cappella  |  4'

"Boats of mine a-boating—Where will all come home?"

You Find Yourself Here  |  SATB chorus a cappella  |  4'

"You see yourself reflected; you learn to love what you see."

 Ave Generosa   |  SSA chorus & harp (or piano)  |  5'

"O lovely and tender one, with all the celestial symphony

resounding through you..."

Because I am human  |  SSAA chorus & piano  |  1'

"Because I am a woman, I am asked to define what that means..."

Breathe in Hope  |  SSAA chorus & piano  |  6.5'

"What would we do if we didn't have the privilege

of being distracted?"

Closer to Home  |  SSAA Chorus a cappella  |  5'"

"And maybe you'll return someday, somehow,

but it's time to go back to the life you're living now"

Faster  |  SSAA Chorus a cappella  |  3.5'"

"If I want to go faster, if I want to leave,

the answers are already here; now I can see."

Flare  |  SSAA chorus a cappella  |  3'

"Through trees with bursting limbs, I am running."

Frozen In  |  SSA chorus, violin & piano  |  5'

"Once again, warmth that falls,

again, though our tracks fill and slow."

Listen  |  SSAA & piano  |  5'

"We were made for song."

Love is a Sickness  |  SSA chorus a cappella  |  3'

"Love is a torment of the mind, a tempest everlasting."

One Blue Sky  |  SSAA chorus a cappella  |  4'

"Maybe the stars spell different stories to you, to me,

but in the darkness of the night, they are light enough to see by."

satb  |  advanced



 Breathe in Hope   |  TTBB chorus & piano  |  6.5'

"We have become experts at recovery.
I hope we become expert at Revolution."

Closer to Home  |  TTBB Chorus a cappella  |  5'

"Home will follow wherever you go."

Echo's Histories  |  TTBB chorus a cappella  |  4'

"For her song and flight, Echo is torn apart..."

Faster  |  TTBB Chorus a cappella  |  3.5'"

"Suddenly, the unknown world

is opening up to me now."

Love is a Sickness  |  TTB chorus a cappella  |  3'

"More we enjoy it, more it dies."


satb  |  christmas

The Christmas Rose  |  SATB chorus & piano  |  3.5'

"No gardener need go far to find the Christmas rose..."

Completing the Circle  |  SATB chorus a cappella  |  4'

"Stringing memories, quilting them tightly

in winter, with the days of grey and iron nights."

Glorious, Glorious  |  SATB chorus a cappella  |  3'

"I will honour Christmas in my heart,

and try to keep it all the year."

In the Silence  |  SATB chorus a cappella  |  6'

"That I may hear you, blessed world,

that I may hear your secret life."

Ring Out, Ye Bells!  |  SATB chorus & piano  |  4'

"The rocks and stones, in holy tones, are singing

sweeter than the thrushes."

As it is in Heaven  |  SATB chorus & organ  |  6.5'

"Not my will, but Thine; and not what I desire,

but what Thou desirest."

Blessing  |  SATB chorus a cappella  |  4'

"Life is short, and we do not have much time to gladden

the hearts of those who make this earthly pilgrimage with us."

Sing to the Lord  |  SATB chorus a cappella  |  4'

"Sing to the Lord a new song,

Sing to the Lord all the whole earth."

satb  |  sacred

After the Storm Passes  |  SATB chorus a cappella, 

with soloists  |  4'

"On the rim of summer, the bones of winter under our feet..." 

All We Need  |  SATB chorus a cappella  |  4.5'

"All we want is to find the love
in the faces of the people we love."


Footnotes to a History of Music  |  SATB chorus with divisi  |  10'

"When she unfurled the score,

a sequence of unfamiliar chords sounded..."

History's Stories  |  SSAATTBB chorus a cappella  |  5'

"Our voices rise and leave, traveling, raveling..."

How to Go On  |  SSAATTBB chorus a cappella  |  35'

"How can we go on, knowing the end of the story?"

I am Music  |  SATB chorus & piano  |  6'

"Through me spirits immortal speak the message that

makes the world weep."

I Was Born  |  SATB chorus & cello  |  7'

"I hope you feel like all of my life

and you will."

If I Say Yes

SATB chorus & orchestra;

SATB chorus, string quartet, piano & percussion;

or SATB chorus & piano  |  15'

"If I say yes, it won't be to some unknown future,

but a yes to what we already have."

In the Middle  |  SATB chorus & piano  |  5'

"Sometimes we take off our watches..."

In the Silence  |  SATB chorus a cappella  |  6'

"That I may hear the snow as it kisses the earth..."

Light of Late November  |  SATB chorus a cappella  |  4'

"Praise the light of late November,
the thin sunlight that goes deep in the bones."

Lodestar  |  SATB chorus & treble soloist  |  6'

"Even a swimmer as strong as you
needs a ship sometimes—even you."

Perhaps  |  SATB chorus a cappella  |  3.5'

"Perhaps we may live an answer or illuminate a story."

Sometimes Peace Comes  |  SATB chorus & alto soloist  |  4'

"Sometimes peace is like this: endless and gentle and soft."

Spiritus Mundi  |  SATB chorus a cappella  |  5.5'

"Let the gentle tether of our longing keep us here..."

A Valentine for Hands  |  SATB chorus a cappella  |  4'


Without You  |  SATB chorus a cappella  |  6.5'

"That this old blue world will keep on spinning, without you."

The Whole Sea in Motion  |  SATB chorus & piano  |  6'

"No language can describe the effect of the deep,

clear azure of the sky and ocean"

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