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Vital Dance | SATB or SSAA Chorus & Piano | 5'


In Vital Dance, a night of insomnia gives way to a meditation on life and death. This piece alternates between a precise, almost metronomic motive and freer, lulling arpeggios—a hazy dream-state in which we’re counting our minutes or suspended in a timeless dance.

This piece was commissioned by Eastern Tennessee State University Chorale (Matthew Potterton, Conductor).

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In bed, listening to the metronome in my ear, the tiny timekeeper
who will not let me sleep, taking life with each beat into the drum,

tap by tap, a Morse code message in a long-lost language.

Why do I sleep knowing that time will pass as I do? I am free to dance when Father Time is drowsy, lulled by the white coin in the sky, suspended

between heads or tails. In those moments, we wait, hold

our breath, and dance together in familiar emptiness from which we came and shall return one day, when our knees are weak and our hair a color

akin to the moon.

One two heads three four tails five six last seven eight day


—Abby N. Lewis,
from Reticent (Grateful Steps, 2016; used with permission).



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Vital Dance Score 2
Vital Dance Score 3
Vital Dance Score 4
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