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The Once Invisible Garden | 5'
SATB Chorus & Piano

purchase link coming soon

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Poet Laura Foley writes often about the balance between light and darkness, sorrow and joy. In The Once Invisible Garden, the narrator wonders at inheriting “this particular version” of their life, with all of its beautiful, ordinary facets: three dogs asleep at their feet, blooming

flowers, and a partner whose house has become a shared home. To confront this immense

gratitude means acknowledging the potential for what else might have been, and that

bittersweet note informs this setting, encouraging us to find these resonant moments in our

own lives as often as we can.

The Once Invisible Garden is commissioned by and dedicated to Choral Arts Ensemble,

Rochester, MN to honor the retirement of Rick Kvam, Artistic Director, and Jan Kvam,


This score will soon be available for purchase through Graphite Marketplace. Request a perusal score here.



How did I come to be

this particular version of me,

and not some other, this morning

of purple delphiniums blooming

like royalty—destined

to meet these three dogs

asleep at my feet, and not others—

this soft summer morning,

sitting on her screened porch

become ours, our wind chime

singing of wind and time,

yellow-white digitalis

feeding bees and filling me—

and more abundance to come:

basil, tomatoes, zucchini.

What luck or fate, instinct,

or grace brought me here?—

in shade, beneath day-blind stars,

a soft, summer morning,

seeing with my whole being

the real Eden,

love made visible.


—Laura Foley


First published in Sheila-Na-Gig.

Reprinted with permission.

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