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Dancing is the Language of Sensation | SATB Chorus | 3'

Dancing is the Language of Sensation sets a text by London Mosher describing the many emotions that dance can communicate. Mosher's poem was selected to be set to music through a campus-wide poetry contest at Ripon College (Ripon, WI). This piece was commissioned and premiered by the Ripon College Chamber Singers, John C. Hughes, Conductor.


Preview the score for Dancing is the Language of Sensation or request a licensed performance score here.





Dancing is the language of sensation
that is neither voiced, nor written, nor heard.
Whisper, sing, or shout an invitation,
of your love without so much as a word.
The whipping movement of a twirl cries pain,
a flighty hand may prove a giddy heart.
Plié across a room reflecting shame,
Display your spite in a mean, zealous march.
See how much one gesture can reveal me?
My every fondness, hate, and fiery passion.
Every single step, every solitary plea,
is a rush of my heart, every affection.
Dancing is the speech of wrists and ankles,
Voicing words that weave our hearts in tangles.

—London Mosher


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