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songs about music

SATB & Piano   |   6'   |   G. Schirmer Dale Warland Choral Series

I am Music sets an anonymous text, a riddle full of mystery and rich imagery, where music speaks in the first person. In this refrain, music describes the many moods and emotions it can evoke: "Through me spirits immortal speak the message that makes the world weep, and laugh, and wonder, and worship."

SATB a cappella   |   10'   |   Graphite  |  Text by Kristina Marie Darling

In this piece, a string of fictional footnotes suggest a tale of strange hymns, canaries interspersed within an orchestra, and a mysterious fire. While soloists from within the chorus alternate singing and speaking, the chorus uses only neutral syllables and wordless melodies.

SATB a cappella   |  Graphite  |  3.5'  |  Text: Brandon Elliott

Brandon Elliott's text for Perhaps beautifully captures what musicians try to express in our compositions and performances. "Perhaps we may live an answer or illuminate a story," Elliott writes. "Perhaps we may not..."

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