new choral works

SATB, SSAA, or TTBB Chorus  |   4'   |   Graphite  |  Text: Dale Trumbore

“Faster” is still about feeling stuck, as if life is moving too slowly, and yearning for a change. In the end, the narrator realizes that instead of waiting for the right moment to make that change, they can initiate it; they’re the one who decides when it’s time to leave. 

SATB, SSAA, or TTBB Chorus  |   4.5'   |   Graphite  |  Text: Dale Trumbore

“Closer to Home” asks how we leave something we love when we know

we may never return. Ultimately, we find peace in the idea that

home will accompany us wherever we go.

SATB a cappella  |  4 min.  |  Graphite   |   Text: Dale Trumbore

"You see yourself reflected; you learn to love what you see."

This vibrant new piece is about those rare moments when a single experience reshapes you: you visit a place or meet a new person and learn something about yourself you'll carry with you for the rest of your life.

SATB a cappella   |   6.5'   |   Graphite  |  Text: Barbara Crooker

"We weren't done talking yet. So I am trying to call you using the morning glories, whose blue mouths are open to the sky, whose throats are white stars..."

Without You depicts the welling-up of grief in repeated, lulling swells of emotion.

SATB a cappella   |   4'   |   Mark Foster Series  |  Text: Laura Foley

Not just an exultation of happiness, Threads of Joy recognizes how we emerge from darkness and pain back into light. The music captures this duality

in ever-shifting prismatic harmonies.