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for solo piano, with or without dancers

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She Only Remembers, Dale Trumbore's half-hour ballet for solo piano, reflects Trumbore's experiences watching her grandmother's end-of-life struggle with dementia. 

Losing a loved one to dementia can leave a surviving relative haunted by the implications of their own small and daily acts of misremembering. Given research that shows the very act of recalling a memory can alter or even overwrite that memory, She Only Remembers asks: What if a theme could represent a memory, and each variation reflected a different way to remember or misremember it? What if the very act of recalling that theme was enough to alter it forever?

Central West Ballet of Modesto, CA debuted She Only Remembers, choreographed by Artistic Director René Daveluy, at Central West Ballet’s 35th Anniversary Gala on March 11, 2023. Trumbore accompanied the premiere live at Gallo Center for the Arts.

The studio recording of She Only Remembers is available for purchase and streaming on all major digital music platforms. 

Purchase the album + score here.

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