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To Live in Los Angeles | flute, oboe, marimba & piano | 8'

To Live in Los Angeles was premiered by Helix Collective (Sarah Robinson, flute; Phil Popham, oboe; Lorry Black, marimba; Katie Norring, piano). This piece was commissioned for Helix Collective's concert program L.A. Stories, as well as their newly-released album of the same name, in which Los Angeles-based composers wrote works about the city for speaking chamber ensemble.


First, the hills will burn.

Let them—

but stay here.



Learn to spend more than you have;

learn to have just enough.

Learn to leave the porch light on for yourself.


Some days the hills will burn;

some days, they'll disappear.

Let them.


Be driving constantly;

be driving, always, into the sun.

The car will break down;

let it.

Drive it into the ground.


Let the moon be a child's moon,

the wind, always the wind before a storm.

Gusty winds may exist—

let them.


Let fallen palm fronds look like road kill,

the street names like water:

Ripple, Ripple.


Turn left onto Echo, or just remember

the act of doing so.

Drive daily past Future Street;

never turn.


Bring it all to a boil,

each small sweetness in the back of the throat.

Bring it all to a boil that can't be stirred down.


Meet him.

Meet him, finally, here,

in the hills—where else?—


let them burn,

and stay here.


—Dale Trumbore

Sketches for To Live in Los Angeles
Sketches for To Live in Los Angeles 2
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