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And So | SSAATTBB Chorus a capella | 8'

Whenever I set a poem to music, I’m always hoping that if the text resonates for me, the music will carry that message through to a listener. Laura Foley’s poem “And So” unfolds as one uninterrupted thought, and setting this poem at this point in time felt restorative to me—imagining a place where the only storm outside is a snowstorm, and the choice to stay inside with our loved ones is wholly, blissfully ours.

And So was commissioned by the Los Angeles Master Chorale; Grant Gershon, Artistic Director; Jenny Wong, Associate Artistic Director.

This score is available through Graphite Marketplace.



And so to imagine it the whole world at peace
the peace I feel inside my body dissolving into hers
and outside the snow that falls
that keeps falling big fat flakes all morning
keeping us safe on our quiet hill in the snow
only the rustle and breath of our dogs in their beds
no other sight but the hills the endless trees
the white coming down from the sky the fire inside.

—Laura Foley
First published in Live Encounters Magazine, 2021.
Used with permission.

Recording available upon request.
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