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Sometimes Peace Comes | SATB Chorus & Alto Soloist | 4'

Sometimes Peace Comes is a movement from secular requiem How to Go On. This movement sets poet Laura Foley's meditation on how it feels to experience peace


Composed for the versatile singers of Choral Arts Initiative, How to Go On ultimately finds beauty and release in the embrace of everyday life.

Sometimes Peace Comes may be performed as a stand-alone piece or alongside other movements of How to Go On. Preview or purchase this piece through Graphite Marketplace.



Sometimes peace is like this:

endless and gentle and soft

and no compulsion to go

anywhere. And even the fire

you walked through,

even the trail of ashes

is gone, not even a memory

in your heart,

and even the sun is still,

unmoving and quiet,

and you have stepped into

a place beyond time,

beyond sadness and form.

A wide, high plain


where in the endless, deep silence

you find out what it is,

what it is,

and your part in it.


—Laura Davies Foley

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