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earth songs

SATB or SSAA a cappella   |   5'   |  Graphite   |   Text: Amy Fleury

Amy Fleury's text for Spiritus Mundi is secular but still spiritual, reflecting gratitude for the fruits of the earth: "Do you recognize your own shy gestures / in the weft of the fields? Oh sisters and brothers, / let the gentle tether of our longing keep us here."

SATB a cappella   |  Graphite  |  3.5'  |  Text: Brandon Elliott

Brandon Elliott's text for Perhaps beautifully captures what musicians try to express in our compositions and performances. "Perhaps we may live an answer or illuminate a story," Elliott writes.

SATB a cappella   |   4.5'   |   Mark Foster Series   |   Text: Annie Finch

All We Need sets to music Annie Finch's poem “Earth Day," which is a celebration of all that the planet offers us as well as a plea to respect what we find here: "All we need is to find the dark / in the nighttime sky, to lie down to sleep / in the darkness, where stars and moon keep vigil, / in the silence of a sleeping earth."

SSAA a cappella   |   3'   |   Boosey & Hawkes  |  Text: Stacy Gnall  

Flare is constantly in motion, a rhythmic race "through trees with bursting limbs" that drives toward the last line: “big brother, I am catching up to you.”

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