sky songs

SATB or SSAA a cappella   |   5'   |   Graphite  |  Text: Laura Foley

As Laura Foley's poem “Like Something Newly Freed” progresses, the narrator shift from observing blackbirds at sunset to imagining herself among them, describing that flight in the first person: "As night begins, / you raise black wings / like leaves, like the lightness of a song." This setting of Foley's text attempts to capture the desire for freedom and flight in our own lives.

SATB a cappella with soloists  |  Graphite |  5'  |  Text by Barbara Crooker

After the Storm Passes depicts a tumultuous journey on the wind following the rain: "In this clean new light, the corn is polished, carved of jade, leaves of beryl, viridian [...]  Under this great glass eye we stand, on the rim of summer, the bones of winter under our feet, washed again in this bright loud light."

SATB a cappella with treble soloist  |  G. Schirmer |  5.5'  |  Text by Diane Thiel

Diane Thiel's text for Lodestar, from her poem Nursery Shellgame, describes life in the language of fairy tales and children's stories: "a trail of crumbs," "a handful of blue marbles," "how you wonder what you are."

SSAA a cappella  |  Graphite  |  4'  |  Text by Barbara Crooker

One Blue Sky excerpts a poem by Barbara Crooker: "One blue sky, fragile as a robin's egg, covers us all. [...] Maybe the stars / spell different stories to you, to me, / but in the darkness of the night, they are light enough to see by."