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songs about storms

SATB a cappella with soloists  |  Graphite  |  5'  |  Text by Barbara Crooker

After the Storm Passes depicts a tumultuous journey on the wind following the rain: "In this clean new light, the corn is polished, carved of jade, leaves of beryl, viridian [...]  Under this great glass eye we stand, on the rim of summer, the bones of winter under our feet, washed again in this bright loud light."

SSATTB a cappella  |  Graphite  |  8'  |  Text by Laura Foley

An ode to the simple comfort of sitting by the fire with a loved one in winter.

"And so to imagine it the whole world at peace / the peace I feel inside my body dissolving into hers [...] no other sight but the hills the endless trees / the white coming down from the sky the fire inside."

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